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I named that piglet!

I was just watching Farm Sanctuary's "wrap-up" slideshow, when I was like, "Hey, I named that piglet!" I named her, fed her, weighed her, kept late-night watch over her (and her siblings). It makes me feel both joy and sorrow to see these animals that I knew...I have such amazing memories from the Sanctuary, but I also miss being there so much that it hurts.

Chi Chi - I jokingly named her "Chi Chi" on the day she was born, because I thought that she looked like a naked chihuahua puppy.

Goodwin - I took care of this little goatling often. He was the tiniest and youngest of the pygmy goats. Very vocal.

Saoirse - one of my first jobs at the sanctuary was caring for a group of peeps (chicks), which included two with special needs - Bunsen (named after my rat Bunsen) and Saoirse. Bunsen had a bum leg and Saoirse was smaller than the rest so she was chosen to be Bunsen's companion. We were never able to put Bunsen and Saoirse back in with the others because the other peeps got gigantic compared to them, and so they were very attached to each other. When we tried doing the intros, the big peeps were picking on Bunsen and Saoirse put herself in the middle trying to protect her buddy.

Clarabell - one of the sweetest of sweet goats, this girl would often climb into my lap for snuggles.

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